RS-485 Transceiver
V660x is a RS-485 transceiver with low power consumption, ±15KV ESD protection, and it is completely fulfilled EIA/TUA-485 standards. V660x series are included with a driver and a receiver, and it has the high driving capability allowing to transceivers on the same communication bus. V6602 and V6602H embedded low-slew-rate driver which can reduce EMI and reflections caused by inappropriate terminal matching. It can realize the error-free data transmission up to 500Kbps. V6603 and V6603H can support the high-speed communication, and the maximum communication speed is up to 2Mbps. V6602H and V6603H embedded LDO which can support the maximum input voltage up to 24V, and the output voltage of LDO up to 5.0V which can support driving capacity up to 100mA.

Operating voltage range: .3V/5.0V (V6602, V6603); 3.3V/5V/7V~24V (V6602H, V6603H)
Embedded LDO: 3.3V @3.3V input; 5V@5V input, 5V@7V~24V input (V6602H, V6603H) 
Half-duplex mode
Low-slew-rate error-free data: 500Kbps (V6602, V6602H) 
High-speed communication: 
2Mbps@ distance <50m, and 1Mbps @ distance< 300m (V6603, V6603H) 
High driving capacity: Up to 256 transceivers on the bus. 
Differential driver output: 1.5≦VOD≦VCC≦54Ω
Input common voltage output: -7V~+12V 
ESD protection: ±15kV Human Body Model (HBM)
Fail-safe receiver 
Completely protection: over-temperature, over-current and over-voltage protection 
Support real-time polarity detection and calibration 
Operating temperature: -40℃~+85℃

State Grid electricity meter and 485 interface , Security instrument , Electromechanical equipment ,Smart home , Elevator, etc.
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