Application Solution

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Non intrusive load identification module

The non intrusive load identification module calculates and analyzes the voltage, current and other data of the original sampling data input by the SPI signal of the electric energy meter, so as to identify the main electrical equipment and working status in the user's environment, which meets the General technical specification for non intrusive load sensing module of IOT meter of the State Grid.

  • It has the identification function of useful electrical equipment category and itemized electrical energy
  • It has the cloud coordination function, and can output the attribution collection of electrothermal category, untrusted category, unknown category, etc
  • It supports minute freezing , and the freezing data includes the type of electric equipment, itemized electric energy in the freezing cycle and average power during operation; Freeze for 15 minutes by default, and more than 2880 records can be saved
  • It has the functions of clock timing, event recording, data storage, software upgrade, etc
  • Operating temperature: normal - 25℃~55℃; Limit -40℃~70 module power consumption: single phase-static power consumption<0.25W; Dynamic power consumption<0.5W; Three phase-static power consumption<0.5W; Dynamic power consumption<1W communication parameters: serial port full duplex, default rate 9600bps
  • Sampling input: SPI signal, mode 1, 128 or 256 single cycle wave points
  • Module interface: weak current interface adopts 2×6 (spacing 2.54mm) double row pins as connectors
  • Module size: 81mm×18mm×35mm
It is mainly applied to the State Grid single/three-phase IOT meter, and also applicable to the scenarios requiring fine management of power consumption, such as smart park, smart home, household photovoltaic, etc.