Application Solution

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Power quality module

The power quality module is a module that monitors the power quality index by analyzing the original sampling data (single cycle sampling points ≥ 128) input by the SPI signal of the power meter. The module has the functions of analysis and statistics, active event reporting and data storage, and meets the technical requirements of General technical specification for power quality module of IOT meter of State Grid.

Steady state data monitoring function:
  • three phase voltage / current imbalance
  • voltage, frequency deviation, voltage fluctuation, voltage flicker
  • harmonic voltage and current content (2 ~ 50 times)
  • effective value of harmonic current (2 ~ 50 times)
  • total harmonic distortion rate of voltage and current
  • harmonic phase angle (2 ~ 50 times)
  • inter-harmonic voltage and current content (0.5 ~ 59.5 times)
  • effective value of inter-harmonic current (0.5 ~ 49.5 times)
Transient data monitoring function:
  • Event data: voltage sag, voltage rise, short interruption
  • effective value data: the effective value data that triggers the record
  • module size: 81mm×18mm×35mm
  • working temperature: normal - 25℃~ 55℃; Limit - 40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
  • working power supply: + 5VDC; Single phase < 150mA, three-phase < 300mA
  • Module power consumption: static power consumption < 0.75w; Dynamic power consumption < 1.5W
  • Communication parameters: serial port full duplex, default rate 9600bps
  • Sampling input: SPI signal, mode 1
  • Module interface: weak current interface adopts 2 × 6 (spacing 2.54mm) double row pins as connectors

It is mainly applied to the State Grid single / three-phase IOT meter, and also to the metering scenarios with monitoring requirements for power quality, such as photovoltaic grid connection, charging station, etc.