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First Large-scale Application of Self-developed Chip Solution for Prepaid Meter


Recently, Vango's prepaid meter solution based on self-developed chips successfully landed in the Egyptian market and achieved stable batch shipments. This is a representative case of the first large-scale application of Vango's overall solution in an overseas market.

Since its establishment, Vango has always focused on the development and supply of dedicated chips for the domestic and overseas power markets. After 15 years of development, Vango's chip products have spread to more than 70 countries over the world. Vango has built a product service system of "Chip-Module-Solution", focusing on typical applications in the overseas metering market and launching total solution for multiple scenarios.
The prepaid meter solution developed this time uses a variety of mature chip products from Vango, including 1. MCU V8500, which is tailored for smart meters. The minimum power consumption is only 1.3uA, which greatly reduces the overall power consumption; 2. metering chip V9261F, the accuracy meets latest IEC standards, measurement error is less than 0.1% within a dynamic range of 5000:1, ; 3. RS-485 chip V6602, which has polarity judgment and self-correction functions, providing reliable local communication.

In the future, Vango will continue to focus on deepening the overseas market, continue to increase the in-depth application of the "Chip-Module-Solution" product system, provide customers with more diversified and systematic chip products and solutions.