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Vango: ANSI meter solution based on self-developed chip successfully applied in Latin American market for the first time


Recently, the ANSI meter solution, developed by Vango and based on a variety of self-developed chips, successfully landed in the Mexican market and ensured stable batch shipments. This is the first time that the solution has been applied in the Latin American market, which fully reflects the R&D strength of Vango's whole chain product system. 

The ANSI meter solution adopts a variety of mature chip products of Vango, including the MCU V8500 designed for smart meters, V9261F, a low power consumption and high-precision metering chip and V6602, a RS-485 chip with polarity judgment and self-correction functions. The solution has the forward and reverse metering function, can provide a variety of data such as meter rate, forward and reverse electricity, voltage, power, temperature and frequency, and has extended functions such as event recording, local or remote load control function. It fully conforms to ANSI standards and can be applied to the field of power and utilities.

Since its establishment, Vango has always been committed to promoting the development and expansion of power markets at home and abroad. After 15 years of growth, Vango has spread its products over five continents and more than 80 countries around the world. Driven by market demand and led by sci-tech innovation, Vango will continue to cultivate overseas markets, adhere to innovation empowerment, further build a platform for development and construct a whole chain product system.